Sunday, May 08, 2016

on a personal note

This weekend, May 7 would have been my Mom's 95th birthday.. I got up and did the kind of work she loved, mowing, planting 500 trees and shrubs along the Missouri River. I had the wonderful experience, thanks to the kindness of a member of the campaign class, of planting several packets of California poppies in the evergreen thicket at the end of the yards as heavy thunder clashed above me in the clouds.

For those of you who wonder about those things,I  am fine, getting much done and missing my classes and my students.  Keep the faith that all things may come around again someday, but until then, read on, and continue to engage with your friends and neighbors about the important issues we all face.



Susan said...

Sounds like you had an amazing day.....this California girl can't even imagine planting that many trees! But, what a lovely way to remember your mother. And, we miss you too!

Laurie Brenner said...

We miss you, Kurt. It's good to picture you enjoying your day, honoring your mother.